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Myrtle Beach freq. list

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selected frequencies for the Myrtle Beach area.

Source: Monitoring Times
Reprinted by: John Johnson, KWV8BP

Frequency Description
--------- -----------

154.310 Myrtle Fire
154.175 Myrtle Fire
154.800 Myrtle Police
154.860 Myrtle Police
155.160 Myrtle Rescue
155.295 Myrtle Rescue
154.220 North Myrtle Fire
154.400 North Myrtle Fire
155.400 North Myrtle Rescue

City and County of Georgetown

153.770 Fire
154.160 Fire
154.770 Sheriff -- county link
155.415 Police
155.715 Local government (repeater)
156.015 Government (simplex)

Horry County

154.010 Rural Fire
154.400 Fire
154.725 Sheriff
155.400 Rescue

UHF Aero Band

239.800 Meteorological
269.900 Myrtle Beach AFB
275.800 Myrtle Beach AFB
317.400 Jacksonville ATCC
343.000 Wing Command
343.600 Jacksonville ATCC
381.300 Wing Command
381.400 Jacksonville ATCC


151.685 Lake Arrow Head Ind.
151.775 Ponderosa Campground
151.805 Boardwalk Motel
151.865 Ocean Lakes Family Campground
464.865 " " " "
151.925 Brookgreen Gardens
151.955 Cherokee Motel
154.515 Sea Mist Travelodge
157.620 Breezeview Motel
460.800 Piedmont Airlines
461.350 Beach Amusements Inc.
461.400 Lack's Beach Service
461.475 Myrtle Beach Family Farms

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us a call, we have an entire section dedicated to Scanner & Radio related

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