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AnnD: Holodeck Fantasy (01/02) [mf star trek inces

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
Hi ...... As always, comments are both appreciated and
encouraged. Tell me what you liked about the story and what
you disliked. Don't just say , "nice story" or "it stunk" I
only ask that you reply by e-mail instead of postings, that
way I'm sure to get your reaction. Any and all email will
always be answered.


Ann D.

-Part One-
By Ann Douglas

"........All's quiet tonight, Doctor Crusher." said the voice
of Lieutenant O'Rourke. "In fact I can't remember the last
time I went through a whole shift without someone reporting to
sickbay for something or other."
"It must be your Irish luck, Morgan." Beverly answered the
disembodied voice coming from her com-badge. "But if anything
changes, don't hesitate to call."
"Don't worry Doctor," Morgan replied. "There's little short
of a major disaster that we can't handle by ourselves. You've
got us too well trained. Enjoy your night off. "
"OK, Crusher out." She responded as she tapped her com-badge
to end the transmission.
"Damn," She said to her self as she leaned back into the
chair and closed her eyes. "The crew would have to pick this
night to be extraordinary healthy."
Sleep was out of the question, just as it had been for the
last two nights. Work was her only chance to escape the
dreams. She almost wished for the proverbial "disaster"
that would give her something to do.
As it had for the last few nights, her mind turned to the
holodeck programming packet locked in her desk. It would be
so easy to remove it and transfer it to the main holodeck.
In the six months since she had created the packet, she had
even tried it. If it had been such a mistake, then why had
she even created it. Why didn't she simply just erase it?
"I wish Deanna were here." She said to herself. "I could
use someone to talk to. She would pick now to attend that
conference on Rigel."
Who else could she talk to? Jean-Luc.....no absolutely not.
There was no one else she was really close enough to talk to -
at least not about this.
Unlocking her desk, she withdrew the
computer programming module and held it in her hand. Even if
someone else were to find it, it would take the voice
authorization of the CMO to access the program. Maybe she
should run the program, after all, wasn't that what the
holodeck was for. Living out one's fantasies.
"Computer," She said, again tapping her com-badge.
"Location of Cadet Wesley Crusher?"
"Cadet Crusher is in main engineering..." said the artificial
female voice.
"Good, he'll be down there for hours." Beverly said to herself
as she ran her fingers across the module. "Maybe it time I
used this."
It had been the return of her son, Welsey, on leave from
Starfleet Academy, that had triggered the return of the
dreams. She had created the holodeck fantasy soon after he
had left for Earth. Lacking the nerve to actually use it, she
had simply locked it away.
Wesley had changed a great deal in a short span of time. Her
forbidden longings for her son returned with a vengeance soon
after he beamed aboard. Now at 17, Wesley was almost the
image of her husband, Jack - dead all these many years.
From her medical training, Beverly knew other women had these
fantasies. In fact she knew of a few cultures where having a
son for a lover was not out of the norm. A son would take his
father's place in every way, including in his mother's bed.
Determined, Beverly placed the module in the open slot on her
console and activated the computer.
"Computer," She said, "Transfer holodeck program Crusher
Alpha One to Holodeck Four, accessible only by voice
authorization of the Chief Medical Officer - code Alpha Five
Two Five."
"Completed....." replied the voice of the computer.
A wide smile crossed Beverly's face as she rose from her desk
and headed for the door. Now that she had made the decision,
she couldn't wait to live out her fantasy.

Exiting the turbolift on deck five, Beverly briskly walked
down the corridor, acknowledging the hello of a few crewmen
with a polite nod. She didn't want to stop and get involved
in a conversation now. In no time she stood at the doors of
Holodeck Four. She took a deep breath, then activated the
Holodeck's imaging system.
"Computer, run program Beverly Alpha
One." She said. "Lock out all external monitoring and
access.....Authorization Crusher Nine Nine Four."
"Program engaged, all external monitoring and access locked
out." Replied the Computer. "You may enter when ready."
Straightening her shoulders, Beverly stepped between the
sliding door.......and into her own sickbay.

It always amazed her, the detail the
computer put into the holodeck images. If she didn't know
better, she would swear she was actually in sickbay. Her
program provided the location and participants in her fantasy,
but unlike a scripted play, the computer controlled the
sequence of events. It was more fun that way, more real. The
idea of not knowing what would come next made it all the more
From behind her, Beverly heard the sickbay door open and felt
a new presence in the room. Turning she faced the holodeck
created image of her son.
"Wes, you're back early?" She said,
remembering the background information she had programmed into
the module. "What happened to your date with Ensign Carson?"
"I canceled it." Wes replied as he walked across the room.
"I thought it would e more fun to spend the evening with you."
"Then I'd better get you onto one of the diagnostic tables,"
Beverly answered as she motioned to the bed next to her. "You
must have a fever if you'd pass up a date with a pretty ensign
in favor of spending a night with your old Mom.."
"You're fall from old, Mom." Wesley
laughed as he moved over and lifted himself atop the bed
beside Beverly. "In fact I know a lot of women who wished
they looked as good as you."
Beverly laughed, starting to loose herself in the fantasy.
"I though Deanna Troi was your idea, Wes." I know you've spent
enough time dreaming about her."
"Deanna's fine, Mom, but she can't compare with you."
"You can't tell me that if you had the chance, you'd pick me
over Deanna?" Beverly asked , feeling a warm tingle
throughout her body as she felt Wesley's eyes covering her
"I can do more than tell you...." Wesley said as he leaned
forward and kissed Beverly.
She was taken aback for a moment as she felt his lips press
against her. Her dreams now had the reality of the holodeck -
a reality that was all too solid.
"Wes....." She exclaimed, a hesitation in her voice." "I'm
your Mother."
"You're also a woman...." Wesley replied as he dropped off
the edge of the bed and stroked her arms. "Can you tell me you
don't want it as much as I do?"
"........No.......I can't....." Beverly admitted, giving
in totally to the fantasy.
With that, Wesley kissed her again, this time harder. She
felt his tongue against her lips and opened to admit it.
Strong young hands cupped her breasts, rubbing the now erect
nipples through the blue material. Beverly could feel his
warm breath on her neck as he kissed his way down to it. Then
he reached behind her and undid the seam the held her uniform
As Wesley gripped a handful of material in each hand, he
suddenly ripped it forward, tearing apart the top of Beverly's
uniform. Suddenly released from the confines of the jumpsuit,
her breasts popped free. Wes smiled in appreciation at his
Mother's breasts, for a woman her age they were still in fine
form. Chalk up another one for Starfleet physical training.
The young Cadet quickly moved his mouth to the closest
breast, kissing the nipple. His hand closed around it and
helped guide it into his mouth. Beverly sighed as she felt
Wesley's mouth closed around her aureole and his teeth gently
teased her nipple. She could feel the strength in his arms
and wanted to surrender to him totally.
Still playing with the first breast, Wesley moved his mouth
to the second, repeating his attentions to it's twin. He
alternated between little kisses and bites, just enough pain
and pleasure to send electric surges through Beverly's body.

Ann Douglas

To the best of our knowledge, the text on this page may be freely reproduced and distributed.
If you have any questions about this, please check out our Copyright Policy.


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