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Conversations I (1/1) mf pedo cons incest

All stories on this web site are purely FICTIONAL. The people depicted within these stories only exist in someone's IMAGINATION. Any resemblence between anyone depicted in these stories and any real person, living or dead, is an incredible COINCIDENCE too bizarre to be believed. If you think that you or someone you know is depicted in one of these stories it's only because you're a twisted perverted little fucker who sees conspiracies and plots where none exist. You probably suspect that your own MOTHER had sex with ALIENS and COWS and stuff. Well, she didn't. It's all in your head. Now take your tranquilizers and RELAX.
Here is another story from Frank, first of a two-part series.
Pay attention to the keywords in the header.
This story concerns fantasy fiction, definitely
not reality. If you have difficulty discerning the difference between
fantasy and real life, stop reading and seek professional guidance now.
Please direct followups to alt.sex.stories.d, or the author, or this account.
Thank you for your consideration of the proper netiquette of usage for
I am technically unable to include a "Followup-to" line in this
posting. If you know how to do this, please drop me a note through the
anonymous service.

I am posting this material from my account for the author to help to
remedy the "tiny posting" problem he has had in the past, as a service to
the networld. I did not write this story, the author did. Please direct
comments to him. Comments regarding this material directed to this
account will be forwarded to the author, as a courtesy to him, at my option.
Please direct your comments to "Frank at:

Big sister's Lessons, part 3 of 3

CONVRSN1.TXT (Mf, pedo, incest, cons)

Conversations I
An Erotic Story

35 year old Margaret Jennings is washing clothes, or at least
sorting them, when she becomes vaguely aware of the whispers
coming from the other room. She isn't really eavesdropping, but
she can't help listening a little to her two daughters, as
sorting clothes is boring. She was supposed to have left for the
store about 20 minutes before, but then she remembered that if
she didn't start the laundry before she left, her daughters would
be complaining that they "had nothing to wear." With Ginny being
12 years old, and Judy being 10, it was a struggle to find
clothes that were "acceptable" to the two youngsters. Everything
had to be specific, expensive, name-brands, like "Calvin Klein"
or "Jordache", or whatever happened to be the current rage at
school, or the girls would complain that the other children made
fun of them. As it was, the Jennings had managed to come up with
2 "acceptable" outfits for each child, but more would be too much
for the clothes budget. The couple's other two children (Diane
and Suzy) at ages 8 and 6 respectively, were not so picky. The
whispers got louder. It was Judy, talking to her older sister.

". . . that you had last year?"
"Uhuh. What about it?"
"I started doing it last week."
"O GROSS!. What'd you do?"
"Used some Kleenex. It was a mess. That's why I wanted to
talk to you."
"Yeah. What do you do, to keep from making a mess?"
"Promise you won't tell?"

If there's one phrase guaranteed to grab an adult's complete
attention, that's the one. Margaret had been smiling to herself,
at the two youngsters discussion of what was obviously the start
of menstruation. She figured that she and her husband Dan would
have to have a "conversation" with the two little girls, and
explain what their options were. It was sneaky, but she put her
ear closer to the slatted door to hear Ginny's reply.

"I got Daddy to help."
"What'd he do?"
"Well, at first he didn't want to discuss it, saying that I
should really talk it over with Momma, but I bugged him,
until he did."
"I bet you did!"
"What'd he tell you."
"Well, as I said, at first he didn't seem to want to talk
about it."
"But you got him to, didn't you? What'd he say?"
"As I said, at first he didn't seem to want to talk about it,
then, when I insisted, he finally told me that it was
part of being a woman, and that I'd be bleeding that way
every month, from now on."
"That's what I said."
"Was that it? You mean I'll have to put up with this 'yuck'
from now on?"
"Well. . . "
"You're hiding something. I can tell!"
"Promise you won't tell anyone. Cross your heart?"
"King's X. Cross my heart."
"Well. . ."
The whispers grew softer. Margaret had to strain to barely
make out the next few sentences.
"I asked Daddy, if there was anything I could do to stop it."
"Was there?"
"Uhuh. At first, Daddy didn't seem to want to tell me, but I
managed to convince him."
"I imagine you did."
"Uhuh. Daddy got all red, but finally told me that there WAS
a way to stop it."
"Well, don't leave me in suspense, tell me."
"You've got to promise you won't tell anyone."
"You've already got 'King's X'."
"I mean anybody! Not even Momma."
"OK. I promise. Now tell me."
"Daddy said HE could stop the bleeding, if I let him
'impregnate' me."
"If you let him what?"
"Impregnate me. Whatever that means."
"Did you find out?"
"Sorta'. Daddy said if he squirted something called his
"sperm" inside my hole, it might stop the bleeding. For
a while at least."
"Did he?"
"How'd he do it?"
"Well, you know Daddy's 'thing', that he has, where your crack
"Well Daddy's thing got big and stiff, and he put it up inside
"You mean?"
"Uhuh. He pushed this thing of his up inside my crack, and
squirted something in my tummy. Daddy called it his
'sperm', and it was all white and gooey.
"Oh wow. Did it hurt?"
"Just a little, at first. Then it started to feel a lot
"By the time Daddy squirted his sperm in me, It was starting
to feel REAL good!"
"Was that it? Did that stop you from bleeding?"
"Not at first. Daddy said that a man didn't always
'impregnate' a girl the first time. So we've been doing
it a lot, to make sure he did."
"That was it?"
"Mostly. I think Daddy managed to 'impregnate' me, a few
months ago."
"You stopped bleeding?"
"Uhuh. I think it's been 5 or 6 months since the last time.
Daddy and I have kept on 'doing it' anyway, just to be
sure. Besides, it's fun."
"It is? It sure doesn't sound like fun to me."
"Oh it IS! You should try it. Maybe you could get Daddy to
'impregnate' you too."
"That'll stop the bleeding?"
"It did for me. It even made me gain a little weight. 'you
notice, I'm not so skinny any more?"
"Yeah. Your boobs are bigger too."
"Uhuh. Daddy says they're going to get even bigger. My tummy
"Gee, do you think I'd get bigger, if I had Daddy 'impregnate'
"Why don't you find out. If it turned me, from 'Skinny-Minny'
to this,
It might help you to. Daddy says I'm going to get even
bigger for a while
Then I'll lose most of it if he doesn't 'impregnate' me
"Are you going to let him?"
"Uhuh. It feels so GOOD, when Daddy squirts his sperm in me.
You ought to try it. Maybe Daddy can 'impregnate' you
"Gee, do you think he would?"
"I don't see why not. He sure likes to do it to me. Let's go

Hurriedly, Margaret ducks back behind the furnace, as her two
children go clattering up the stairs. She then carefully follows
them, but remains hidden, as the two youngsters approached their
father, who is reading a newspaper, and drinking coffee, at the
kitchen table.

"Judy wants to know if you'll 'impregnate' her, like you did
<GAACK!> <Spew!> <Cough> <Cough> <Cough>
<giggle> <giggle>
"She what!"
"She wants you to 'impregnate' her. Or didn't I say it
"Judy wants you to squirt your sperm in her, like you did in
me, so she won't be bloody every month."
"Judy's having periods?"
"Uhuh. Last week."
"And you want me to 'impregnate' you?"
"Please Daddy. Ginny says it feels real good. I don't like
it when I get all bloody, and Ginny says you can make it
"I knew it was a mistake."
"What Daddy?"
"Nothing. Are you sure you want this Judy?"
"Uhuh. Please Daddy."
"Well, one Daughter already pregnant, might as well be hung
for two."
"Never mind. Where's your mother?"
"Momma went to the store. She said she wouldn't be back for
several hours."
"Yeah. It's 30 miles to Braynard's, and you know Momma, when
it comes to shopping."
"Yeah. I guess I do."
"C'mon. Let's go into the bedroom. If we're going to do
this, lets at least be comfortable."

Hastily, the woman backs down the stairs, and around the
corner, as her husband and two pre-teenaged daughters pass by.
When she figures they have reached the bedroom, she gingerly
sneaks down the hall, to listen. Thankfully, they closed the
door, so she can stand right outside, without being seen. She
wishes the door had a keyhole that she could peek through, then
notices that the latch-side of the door has an almost 1/4 inch
gap, that isn't completely covered up by the frame. If she moves
her head back and forth, she can see almost half the bed, on
which her daughter Judy has positioned herself. The little 10
year old girl is naked, and looking up at her (also completely
naked) father. Ginny is standing to ones-side, and is out of
view, but Margaret gets the impression that she's naked also.

"Are you SURE you want me to do this Honey?"
"Oh yes Daddy. Put your thing in me, and squirt your 'sperm'
in my tummy. I want you to 'impregnate' me, just like
you did Ginny."
<chuckle> <giggle>
"Well, I guess you DO know what you want!"
"Now just hold still for a second Honey, and Daddy'll knock
you up."
"Daddy'll squirt his sperm up inside your womb. You did say
you want me to impregnate you?"
"Uhuh. Do it Daddy. Knock me up, just like Ginny."
"Here it comes. Unngh!"
"Ow! Daddy, why won't it go in?"
"'little dry. Just a sec. Here."
"Unh! That feels good, Daddy."
"Uhuh. Now let's try it. . . . . . . . Ungh!"
"Unh Sorry Judy."
"It's Ok Daddy."
"Ooooh. Easy Hon. You'll have me cumming, before I get all
the way inside."
"Cumming? Unh. Ow."
"Sorry. Squirting my sperm inside you. I want to get my cock
all the way up inside you before I cum, so that it'll go
right into your womb, where it belongs."
"Is that how you 'impregnate' me Daddy?"
"Uhuh. Is that what you want? Do you want Daddy to
impregnate you with his sperm?"
"Yeah Daddy. Do it. I want to feel you 'impregnate' me, just
like you did to Ginny. Ow!"
"Oooh. Sorry, but I'm going to have to break your hymen.
This will hurt a little."
"Unh. Don't hurt me Daddy."
"Just a little, Hon."
"Oh come on, Judy. It won't hurt THAT much. I got over it."
"You're older."
"Don't be snotty to your little sister. She's almost a woman,
just like you."
"Well, I didn't whimper and moan. . ." Silence.
"As I recall. . . " More silence
"Ok Daddy, I'll shut up."
"Well Judy?"
"Oh Daddy. Just go ahead and do it. I'm not going to
'chicken out' in front of old 'blood-and-guts' here.
Just watch. I won't say a word."
"it's OK to yell, Honey. It might make it easier."
"I won't give Ginny the satisfaction. Do it, Daddy."
<Unh!> <gphugh!> <whimper>
"Ooooohh! Sorry Judy, but it always hurts the first time."
"Ginny said it felt good!" <whimper>
"It does. It's just the first time, when I take your
virginity, that it hurts."
Silence. . . . . . <whimper>
"Virginity? You mean, I'm no longer a virgin, Daddy?"
"No. Didn't you know?"
"No. Easy Daddy, that still stings a little."
"Oh well, I guess it's too late now. . . . Oooh that feels
good Honey."
"I'm not doing anything Daddy I just. . . Ungh!"
"O Judy! Don't squeeze so hard. Ungh!"
"I can't help it Daddy I, I , IeeeeEEEK!"
"I can't help it. I'm going to cum. Oh Judy. Daddy loves
"I. . " <grunt> "love. . " <grunt> "you too... Daddy"
"Oh. Daddy's cumming! Daddy's getting his little baby girl
"Ungh! Do it Daddy."
"Feel it honey. Daddy's squirting the thick sticky white
stuff that makes babies, in his little girls.womb.
Daddy's making a baby in that cute little tummy of yours.
Oh. Oh! Daddy's squirting his sperm in his little
girl's womb. Oh Honey! Daddy loves you so much."
"Oh Daddy I. . ." <grunt> "I feel so good. Oooohhh
Daddeeee. Thank You."
"Thank YOU Judy. You made your Daddy feel so good."
"Me too. Whew!" <pant?
<gasp> <pant>
"Unnhhh." <pant>
"Yes Ginny?"
"What'd you mean, when you said you were 'making a baby' in
Dead Silence.

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