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Bill Gates Assassination Conspiracy

by Son Of Gomez

Since the revelation in a few select Conspiracy Forums of a CypherPunks-Heaven’s Gate-Solar Temple-Waco link involving an uncanny and somewhat sinister individual named C.J. Parker, even more bizarre information has come to light linking the same individual to an MKULTRA-ExtraTerrestrial-Men In Black Conspiracy to Assassinate Bill Gates.

Indeed, it was the very same C.J. Parker whose dark past and sordid connections were exposed by J.P. Essene at http://www.theeunderground.net, among others, who emerged as a patsy for the Conspiracy and, under the name Carl Edward Johnson, was convicted and imprisoned for his part in the Plot to remove Gates from the international picture and destroy Microsoft.

The Netly News
Wednesday, September 9, 1998
The Arrest of the Nutly Bomber
by Declan McCullagh

“It was about 5 p.m. on August 18. Carl Johnson, 49, was beating the heat inside the Rialto Theater in what passes for downtown Tucson, Arizona. But when Johnson left the Rialto, his musical career was cut short by two federal agents from the IRS's internal security division.

“The way federal agents tell it, Johnson spent much of the past two years railing against the police, the feds, Bill Gates, and just about anyone else who crossed his path. His favorite online soapbox was the Internet mailing list called cypherpunks, a kind of intellectual mosh pit that was originally devoted to encryption and anonymity, but which has over the years become far more wide-ranging. Many contributors to the cypherpunk list favor pseudonyms, and the government has linked Johnson with two widely used ones: Toto and TruthMonger.”

At the tail end of Part 3 of McCullagh’s series, was the statement: In the next installment: Carl Johnson is arrested and antagonizes the feds even more - if that's possible.

However, McCullagh’s series, poised to reveal the magnitude of the Conspiracy that Parker (aka Johnson) was involved in, came to an abrupt end when Time [Trilateral] Magazine suddenly pulled the plug on their Netly News subsidiary, in order to keep the True Facts surrounding the Bill Gates Assassination Conspiracy that Parker/Johnson was part of from coming to light.

Confirming the multiple identities of C.J. Parker, CypherPunks John Young and Greg Broiles have placed online “CONFIDENTIAL’ Secret Service files revealing Parker’s “Alias” list to encompass “Carl Edward Johnson,” “Toto,” and “TruthMonger, among others” The two CypherPunks’ WebSites also host a mountain of documentation regarding the Arrest, Imprisonment, Trial and Conviction of Parker/Johnson, most of which indicates that the Government case against him was framed as that of a Lone Individual, ala Timothy McVeigh, who acted in isolation. However, documentation freely available on the InterNet tells a startling different story which links Parker’s Plot to Assassinate Bill Gates to a wide variety of seemingly disparate organizations and individuals, including MIB’s, the Pentagon, the CIA and a variety of MKULTRA agents, a revolving door of ExtraTerrestrial controlled human agents, and a WorldWide Web of dubious characters.

As noted by J.P. Essene and other knowledgeable Conspiracy buffs in the mid-90’s,

“In the early 1970's there was a small group in Canada, known as the Bartonian Metaphysical Society. The group was joined by an individual named C.J. Parker.

“Parker became a teacher and leader in the group, which soon became the Institute for Applied Metaphysics, with metaphysical retreats in Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec.”

And what does BMS/IAM’s founder and spiritual leader, Winifred G. Barton, have to say about Bill Gates and Microsoft?

Council Chamber #6 - The Halls of Amenti
ATLAN 2000
666 Microsoft and the Bavarian Illuminati

“These days most people have heard of Microsoft Corporation, and its founder Bill Gates. However, few people know the true story behind the rise of Microsoft and even fewer suspect the terrible cosmic secrets that are concealed beneath the facade of a successful software company.

“Hidden from the public and even from most Microsoft employees, the twenty-third building, or Building 7, is pentagonal in shape. Building 7 is inhabited by, or used to communicate with, the Inner Head, or ‘controlling unknown.’

“In 1975, a crisis developed that threatened the very foundation of the Illuminati. Immediately, the Illuminati convened an emergency meeting in Cesme, Turkey. There they discussed a contingency plan to restructure the organisation and to move the Pentacle of Invocation to a new location. They decided on setting up a small computer company in one of the smaller cities of the United States as a front. That year, Microsoft Corporation was founded.”

Indeed, shortly before Parker’s arrest for threatening to Assassinate Gates, he had himself released a chapter of ‘InfoWar’ (aka ‘The True Story of the InterNet: Part III’) that echoed the BMS/IAM party line. The chapter, ‘Pedagogue 666,’ was subtitled “6OVERNMENT, 6ATES & 6OMEZ.”

This connection between Gates and Gomez (the Chief Agent of the Evil One in the ‘InfoWar’ manuscripts) reflected Winifred G. Barton’s opinion that,

“The name of the founder, Bill Gates, is a code much as ‘Adam Weishaupt’ was a code. Apart from being the name of a magician in Aleister Crowley's novel, ‘Moonchild’, Gates is a reference to the Unknown Superior and the gateway between ordinary reality and the Invisible World.”

According to the Secret Service’s “Chronology of Events Involving CARL JOHNSON,” posted on the two aforementioned CypherPunks WebSites, Parker’s Assassination threat…

3/20/98 Assassination message sent from Toto to BILL GATES "I'm still planning your assassination, my support of you is only to shorten the line ahead of me." "Blanc, Jeff, are you in position? Can you get off a clean shot?"

(outgoing message on computer)

…was sent a little over a month after Winifred G. Barton, in another message that was also forwarded to the Psychoceramics mailing list, told her followers that she was saying “farewell” in preparation for “the final onslaught of CHAOS.”

Subject: Winifred : GOODBYE!
From: Winifred Barton
To: 13th <13thtribe@telos.ca>
Subject: GOODBYE!
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 06:39:29 -0500

This is my fond farewell to the 13th Tribe as a group. The TELOS (Agartha/Shamballa ) gate is closing prior to the final onslaught of CHAOS.

…Those who work with Thoth have come to save the world from the Dark Forces.

Who is this Thoth that Barton refers to?

“He is my Star Child born of a UFO abduction in 1973.”

And how do “those who work with Thoth” intend to go about ‘saving the world’ from the “Dark Forces” which play a major role in ‘The True Story of the InterNet” manuscripts released by C.J. Parker and his cohorts?

Council Chamber #1 - Halls of Amenti
ATLAN 2000

“We want to show The People what has been going on behind the veils of human history. To demonstrate how the Ministry of Equity operates in the DIGITAL ERA... "Lift up your heads O Ye Pearly Bill Gates Tribe! and the King of Glory shall come in...!!!"

“Babylon is a political system showing what NOT TO DO TO OTHERS. It is condemned to death by a Unanimous Vote of The Supreme Court of The CRITICAL MASS of Council Chamber #1.”

Amazingly, this pronouncement, which appears to amount to a Death Sentence for Bill Gates, et al, was the publicly announced policy of a MultiNational group of disparate individuals in this ExtraTerrestrial-spawned Galactic Federation that included Yvonne Granbois, who was responsible for C.J. Parker’s original initiation into the Bartonian Metaphysical Society ‘Mystery School’ and even a representative of the Pentagon.

“This scenario was agreed upon by representatives of many nations at the Sacred Summit of '76, monitored by Cardinal William D. Donovan, St. Michael. and Pentagon Representative Major Edward Winchester, New York Bar Attorney Alfred Lambremont Webre, Professor Aziz Said of the Washington University, Yvonne Grandbois of WHO, Barbara Marx Hubbard, the noted Futurist, and scores of others in attendance.”

Indeed, Barbara Marx Hubbard, in ‘The Book of Co-Creation,” espoused the opinion that it was up to this elite to actively eliminate the “defective-seeds” of Babylon’s “Pearly Bill Gates Tribe”:

"Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one-fourth is electing to transcend . . . One-fourth is destructive [and] they are defective seeds. In the past they were permitted to die a 'natural death.' . . . Now as we approach the quantum shift from the creature-human to the co-creative human -- the human who is an inheritor of god-like powers -- the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body… Fortunately, you are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God's selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death."

A post by John Winston to the Psychoceramics mailing list (Subject: I’ve been to Atlantis) that forwarded Winifred G. Barton’s announcement of “the onslaught of CHAOS” just a few weeks before BMS/IAM initiate C.J. Parker’s Assassination Threat to Bill Gates, ended tellingly.


JW Remember, 1, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings.

2. " " " " it's over.

John Winston. johnfwin@mlode.com


J.P. Essene, at http://www.theeunderground.net, informs us, in regard to Parker:

“He started a computer company in Tucson, called ‘Pearl Harbor Computers,’ which was based on the belief that computers were the work of Satan, that Bill Gates and Microsoft were tentacles of the Satan, and that those who wished to fight evil must dedicate themselves to promoting other operating systems, UNIX in particular.”

And we know, from Bubba D’Shauneaux’s Addendum to ‘The Xenix Chainsaw Massacre” (Part I of ‘The True Story of the InterNet’),

In this world of ten-second sound bytes, 'Image' is everything. CJ and I had quite a heated argument over the company motto for Pearl Harbor Computers, Inc.

CJ wanted the letterheads to read:

Pearl Harbor Computers
"We've been bombed since 1941"

I suggested the following:

Pearl Harbor Computers
"We Don't Eat Dogs"

In the end, we decided to compromise and go with:

Pearl Harbor Computers
"It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over"

Indeed, long before the email containing Parker’s Assassination Threat was sent to Bill Gates, at Microsoft Headquarters, he had already, as ‘TruthMonger,’ released a chapter of ‘InfoWar’ that included a blatantly telling account regarding an individual who had taken over Pearl Harbor’s role at Shelter Industries, in Saskatchewan, and then gone on to employment at Microsoft Headquarters, itself.

Titled, ‘M$ Cowboy,’ the passage contained excerpts from the local newspaper interview with the individual, Jeff Sandquist, who appeared to confirm Parker’s seemingly outlandish claim that there was a Secret Organization of “like-minded” individuals (referred to by Parker as the “Circle of Eunuchs”) which had infiltrated Microsoft, and, even more incredibly, the newspaper article ended with reference to Sandquist’s pleasure of being afforded a “shot” at Microsoft.

[Estevan Mercury, Oct 22, 1997] It's just like advancing to the NHL of the computer world.

That was the comparison used by Jeff Sandquist to describe his new job with Microsoft, one of the giants of the computer industry, right in their Redmond, Washington campus headquarters.

Sandquist will be leaving his position at SRI Homes (Shelter-Regent Industries) where he has been a design technologist for the past four years, and will hook up with like-minded individuals in Redmond to serve big industry.

"I can't believe I'm getting this shot," he said. (by NORM PARK of The Mercury)

Yet despite the fact that Parker’s Assassination Threat, according to the Secret Service’s own records, included the message… "Blanc, Jeff, are you in position? Can you get off a clean shot?"

…the Government blindly ignored the evidence of Conspiracy and, against Parker’s loud protestations, appointed a Public Defender who actively sought to suppress the evidence that the Prosecution wanted kept out of the Court records.

It turns out that the motives for the U.S. Government’s suppression of evidence in the case went far beyond Parker’s links to the Bartonian Metaphysical Society, the Institute of Applied Metaphysics, and the Galactic Federation.

Indeed, the Government was even more concerned with suppressing Parker’s past in regard to his role as a Mind-Controlled Agent of the CIA’s MKULTRA program, and the mysterious links between Parker’s Government Mind Controllers and ExtraTerrestrial contacts.

For instance, whom exactly was the “New York Bar Attorney Alfred Lambremont Webre” that Winifred G. Barton had referred to as being one of the attendees at the “Sacred Summit” where members of the Galactic Federation of Light Forces “agreed” that the “Pearly Bill Gates Tribe” be “condemned to death?”

Barton tells us that, “RA KAHN's Organic-Etheric Lawyer, Attorney Alfred Lambremont Webre, of the New York Bar…is the Defender of Urantia”

‘RA KAHN’ is a key figure in the BMS/IAM-Galactic Federation scenario, being an entity ‘channeled’ through Winifred G. Barton (who published two books about him), and ‘Urantia’ is described by Martin Gardner, in ‘URANTIA: The Great Cult Mystery,’ as being “a future for the earth and the transmission of Truth through the channelling of messages from God and his heirarchy of angels,” or “supermortals” who “dictated the heavenly work.”

Yet the Galactic Federation, which Barton contends is populated with “Star People Mutants,” and which declared that Bill Gates et al be “condemned to death” is not Parker’s only connection to ‘Urantia.’

Consider the following correspondence between Ms. Sprunger and Dr. Sadler, who was responsible for the creation of the ‘Urantia Book,’ via the channeling of a member of the Kellogg cereal dynasty.

Meredith J. Sprunger, Minister
May 1, 1958

Dr. William S. Sadler
533 Diversey Parkway
Chicago 14, Illinois

Dear Dr. Sadler:

Have just received a letter from a Dr. A.M. Hubbard asking about the Urantia Book. I thought you might be interested in the letterhead on which the letter was written:


Hugh L. Keenleyside, M.A., Ph.D., LL.D.
Director General Technical Assistance
United Nations, New York

Abram Hoffer, Ph.D., M.D.
Director of Psychiatric Research
Department of Public Health,

Humphrey Osmond, M.D.,M.R.C.S., D.PM. Superintendent
Weyburn Hospital Weyburn, Sask

John Smythies, M.D.,M.B., D.P.M.
Psychological Laboratory
Cambridge University
Cambridge, England

Aldous Huxley, Author
Los Angeles, California

A.M. Hubbard, Ph. D., Scientific Director
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C

Cordially yours,

The Officers of “The Commission For The Study Of Creative Imagination” inquiring into the Urantia transmissions reads like a Rogue’s List of the Mind Control community, including none other than the main protagonist behind C.J. Parker’s induction as an MKULTRA Mind-Control Agent, Dr. Abram Hoffer.

In Parker’s ‘SPACE ALIENS HIDE MY DRUGS!!!” manuscripts are found a variety of references to his treatment at the hands of Dr. Hoffer, who, like A.M. Hubbard (aka ‘The Original Captain Trips’), always managed to “exit stage left” shortly before major shakeups in the mind control community.

* To: cypherpunks@toad.com
* Subject: If You Think I'm Crazy Now... - SPACE ALIENS HIDE MY DRUGS!!!
* From: Linda Reed--PCC West Campus CSC
* Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 15:49:54 MST
* Sender: owner-cypherpunks@toad.com

“It was the summer of 1969...”

“[Debitor's Bad Note: If 90% of the events in the Author's life seem to have somehow occurred in 1969, this might be the result of the massive electroshock and hypnosis treatments HeOrSheOrIt underwent under the...care...of an MKULTA physician in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Abram Hoffer, who undoubtedly appears as only a minor, peripheral figure, if at all, in most literature on the subject...likely as a result of great care being taken by shadowy background figures to keep him out of the limelight]” Parker compares Hoffer’s “exits and entrances” to Dr. Ewen Cameron’s ignoble “final exit” after MKULTRA’s shit hit the proverbial fan in Canada.

* To: cypherpunks@toad.com
* Subject: Canadian Shock Radio - SPACE ALIENS HIDE MY DRUGS!!!
* From: Linda Reed--PCC West Campus CSC
* Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 00:10:01 MST
* Sender: owner-cypherpunks@Algebra.COM

“Of course, Dr. Cameron, who retired to great accolade, recognized as a Titan in Canadian Medical History, as opposed to being tried by an International Court and sentenced to be hung, like his predecessors at Dachau, was really only being used as an expendable shill to take the heat if the shit hit the fan over Rockerfeller Foundation funded CIA/ Military experiments obliterating the minds of women being treated for such devastating mental disabilities as 'menopause' and 'post-partum depression.'

“Accordingly, after the shit hit the fan, it was Dr. Cameron who had a ‘heart attack’ and fell off a cliff while 'climbing' , while my physician continued to practice...and practice...and practice...”

Hoffer himself relates his visit to burgeoning mind control facilities in preparation for initiating a “program of research into psychiatry” in Saskatchewan.

“The three most memorial visits were with Dr. Nolan D. C. Lewis, at the Psychiatric Institute in New York, Dr. H. Kluver, Culver Hall, University of Chicago, and Dr. Franz Alexander, at a psychoanalytic institute which he directed.”

And Hoffer further speaks of his association with Aldous Huxley’s personal British Naval physician, Dr. Humphrey Osmond, and pharmacology parapsychologist Dr. J. Smythies as being closely followed with the receipt of “a very large grant from the Rockefeller Foundation” for their LSD experiments on mental patients in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Indeed, Parker’s account of his MKULTRA Controller, Hoffer, being ‘protected’ from exposure jibes with the opinion of Dr. Colin Ross, who opined that this was the result of an effort by the Canadian Psychiatric Association to keep a lid on the messy results of MKULTRA using Canadian facilities to insulate themselves from legal accountability for undertaking projects forbidden to the CIA in the United States.


Ryerson CKLN Radio in Toronto: Producer Wayne Morris interviews Dr. Colin Ross. Third part in a Series of Broadcasts aired Sunday April 13, 1997 on CKLN-FM 88.1 in Toronto.

Part 3 of transcript

C.R. Well, the Canadian Psychiatric Association has put out some disinformation that has been pretty well "bought" by the Canadian public. That is that Ewen Cameron was just an isolated incident, it happened a long time ago back in the fifties, yes, he had CIA funding, there were sort of different ethical standards back then, we wouldn't approve it now, it was just a one time deal but he was such a great man we can overlook it. Well, that's not true because that research completely violated the ethical standards of the time, but also it wasn't an isolated incident.

Abram Hoffer and Humphrey Osmond did a lot of military LSD research in Saskatchewan, and Humphrey Osmond then left and moved down to the New Jersey Neuropsychiatric Institute in Pennsylvania which is where Carl Pfeiffer was, which is where the Louis Castille guy was, who was over in the Philippines and got arrested by the FBI over there. So there have been a lot of connections with Canadian psychiatry.

And what about another member of Hoffer and Osmond’s Urantia connection, A.M. Hubbard? Todd Brendan Fahey, in ‘The Original Captain Trips,’ informs us that Hubbard’s Urantia inquiry was not a virgin…pardon the pun…’trip’ into the realm of “other-worldly forces.” “In 1919, guided by other-worldly forces, Hubbard invented the Hubbard Energy Transformer, a radioactive battery that could not be explained by the technology of the day.”

Fahey also fills us in on the multitude of ‘agency’ connections of Hubbard, who he tells us established LSD treatment centers at three major hospitals in Canada, most notably Hollywood Hospital in Vancouver, where he resided.

“After his legendary exploits with the OSS, the Captain continued to serve as an undercover operative for various agencies within the US government. He had many contacts with the FBI, for example, and he claimed to be a close friend of J. Edgar Hoover's.

“The Captain also engaged in undercover work for a number of other government agencies, including the Federal Narcotics Bureau and the Food and Drug Administration tat a time when both organizations were assisting the CIA's drug testing programs.”

Dr. Colin Ross, in the CKLN Radio MIND CONTROL SERIES, speaking of Hubbard’s Hollywood Hospital connections, says, “James Tyhurst who in 1951 was part of a committee meeting to oversee BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE in Canada, before Ewen Cameron got his money, was also funded by Canada's Defence Research Board. He did LSD research also at Hollywood Hospital in Vancouver, B.C. And a doctor named Dr. Ross McLean who was the Director at Hollywood Hospital in Vancouver attended a CIA sponsored LSD symposium and described giving LSD to 338 different patients at Hollywood Hospital. So there was a lot of military LSD flowing into Vancouver”

In regard to Aldous Huxley, another confederate of C.J. Parker’s MKULTRA Mind Controller, Dr. Hoffer, a review of ‘The Aquarian Conspiracy’ reveals, “The CIA operation was code named MK-Ultra, its result was not unintentional, and it began in 1952, the year Aldous Huxley returned to the United States.

“Aldous Huxley returned to the United States from Britain, accompanied by Dr. Humphrey Osmond, the Huxleys' private physician. Osmond had been part of a discussion group Huxley had organized at the National Hospital, Queens Square, London. Along with another seminar participant, J.R. Smythies, Osmond wrote Schizophrenia: A New Approach.

Osmond was brought in by Allen Dulles to play a prominent role in MK-Ultra. At the same time, Osmond, Huxley, and the University of Chicago's Robert Hutchins held a series of secret planning sessions in 1952 and 1953 for a second, private LSD mescaline project under Ford Foundation funding.”

It also seems that the C.J. Parker’s participation in the Bill Gates Assassination Conspiracy was not at all an isolated occurrence in the shadowy world surrounding the Mind Control/ExtraTerrestrial environment in which Parker had become enmeshed.

A Conspiracy Theory investigation into Timothy McVeigh documents a wide variety of assassination links surrounding Parker’s connections to the CIA’s mind-control programs.

“The preeminent don of the CIA's psychological warfare program was Dr. Louis Jolyn West. As part of his MKULTRA experiments, West decided to send an elephant at the Oklahoma City Zoo on an LSD trip.

“A close associate of Drs. Cameron and Gottlieb, West studied the use of drugs as "adjuncts to interpersonal manipulation or assault," and was among one of the pioneers of remote electronic brain experimentation, including telemetric brain implants on unwitting subjects.

“West's good friend, Aldous Huxley, suggested that he hypnotize his subjects before administering LSD, in order to give them post-hypnotic suggestions which would orient the drug-induced experience in a ‘desired direction.’

“Interestingly, West was the psychiatrist who examined Jack Ruby, the assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald.

“West also examined Sirhan Sirhan, a controlled hypo-patsy who allegedly killed Robert F. Kennedy.

“Currently chairman of UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute, West headed the American Psychological Association (APA) trauma response team that rushed to Oklahoma City in the wake of the disaster.”

Dr. Abram Hoffer, one of the organizers of the ‘Huxley Institute of Biosocial Research,’ had numerous connections to MKULTRA hypnotists, one of whom, Dr. Sidney Fogel, was selected as C.J. Parker’s chief programmer. Hoffer and Fogel coauthored a work titled, ‘Changes In Personality by Altering Perception in Post Hypnotic States.’ Hoffer’s chief associate, Dr. Humphrey Osmond, also worked closely with a variety of Dr. Fogel’s associates.

“Osmond left Canada in 1963 and joined a group of researchers at the Princeton Neuropsychiatric Institute. There he worked closely with Dr. Bernard Aaronson, whose studies in hypnosis and altered states of consciousness were funded by the CIA through the Society for the Study of Human Ecology. Osmond and Aaronson later coauthored a popular anthology called Psychedelics. Unlike Aaronson, who was unaware of the CIA's interest in his work, Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, another Princeton researcher, had close ties with the CIA.”

What is particularly interesting about the circle of associates of Parker’s MKULTRA Controller, Dr. Hoffer, is the fact that they invariably had close ties to not only the OSS and CIA, but also to the Canadian, British and American Naval Intelligence agencies.

Hubbard, as a high-level OSS officer, directed sensitive covert operations involving the smuggling of weapons and war material into Great Britain, prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Osmond, once he had qualified for medicine at Guys Hospital in London, in 1942, went into the British Navy.

The presence of Naval Intelligence in Parker’s MKULTRA indoctrination was not lost on the subject himself,

* To: cypherpunks@toad.com
* Subject: Canadian Shock Radio - SPACE ALIENS HIDE MY DRUGS!!!
* From: Linda Reed--PCC West Campus CSC
* Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 00:10:01 MST
* Sender: owner-cypherpunks@Algebra.COM

“Delving into the history of CIA mind-control experiments cleared up a few things that had been somewhat of a mystery in regard to my medical treatment over the years, such as how I had ended up being treated with hypnosis and heavy doses of electroshock…and what the fuck all of those Navy people were doing two thousand miles from the ocean.

“I'm just kidding, of course...

“The fact is, I *already* knew *what* the fuck all of those Navy people were doing in Saskatchewan. They were there conferring with Dr. Hoffer's alleged 'research assistant,' MJ. What I *didn't* know, at the time, was *why*.

“I was not surprised to recently find out, after a modicum of research, that Ms. MJ Callbeck left the Navy as a nurse lieutenant, specializing in psychiatric nursing, receiving most of her postgraduate training at Allan Memorial Hospital in Montreal, from psychiatrists who were, to put it as delicately as possible...PostWar Refugees From Hitler's Nazi Germany. (With 'refugee' apparently being defined as a physician who had escaped trial and hanging at Nuremburg, as a result of having a wealth of information and 'practical experience' in areas that were of interest to American and Canadian intelligence agencies.)

“Ms. Callbeck became a 'research nurse' for a research team formed in Saskatchewan with huge grant from the CIA's Canadian funding front, the Rockerfeller Foundation, and was awarded a training grant to visit two U.S. research units funded by the CIA's American funding front, the Human Ecology Foundation, at Tulane University, in New Orleans, and the Psychiatric Institute in New York.

“After MJ's return from the HeartOfMentalDarkness of the MKULTRA mind-control establishments in the U.S., she created a psychiatric researching nursing team to 'control' all clinical research for the team, and to ensure that research protocols would be followed.

“Ms. Callbeck's and Dr. Hoffer's careers were closely intertwined with Dr. Humphrey Osmond, a British Naval doctor sent to Canada to look after British Naval Intelligence's interests in the North American mind-control research arena being fronted by the CIA.”

It is remarkable that Parker seems, as indicated by this and many of his earlier writings, to have recognized the pervading presence of Navy Intelligence in the background of the Mind Control community long before even many astute Conspiracy theorists and researchers began to realize that the CIA was merely, as Parker puts it, a “front” for the real players behind the scenes.

A ‘Napa Sentinel Mind Control Series’ documented the emergence of the Naval mind-control drug-hypnosis agenda as an outgrowth of the Nazi experiments in this area that were performed at the Dachau and Auschwitz concentration camps.

“At the conclusion of World War Two, American investigators learned that Nazi doctors at the Dachau concentration camp in Germany had been conducting mind control experiments on inmates. They experimented with hypnosis and with the drug mescaline.

“The Dachau mescaline experiments were written up in a lengthy report issued by the U.S. Naval Technical Mission.

“The Navy initiated Project Chatter in 1947, the same year the Central Intelligence Agency was formed. The Chatter format included developing methods for acquiring information from people against their will.”

And who else should pop up in the woodwork of the Navy’s initial entry into the mind-control arena, according to the ‘Sentinel,’ but Hoffer and Osmond’s associate, Dr. Ewen Cameron.

“The CIA, U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army Chemical Corps targeted specific groups of people for experimentation who were not able to resist, prisoners, mental patients, foreigners, ethnic minorities, sex deviants, the terminally ill, children and U.S. military personnel and prisoners of war. They violated the Nuremberg Code for conducting and subsidizing experiments on unwitting citizens.

“Dr. Cameron, a CIA operative, was one of the worst offenders against the Code, yet he was a member of the Nuremberg Tribunal, with full knowledge of its testimony.”

As a matter of fact, the CIA seems to have originally been created for the express purpose of bringing thousands of Nazi ‘scientists’ into the U.S. under the cover of the now well-documented ‘Operation Paperclip.’ “Much of Dr. Cameron's work, involved psychiatric techniques designed to modify and control a persons behavior patterns. His work was also derived from experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners in Nazi Germany and brought to the U.S. after World War II by the O.S.S. under "Operation Paper Clip".

“According to the CIA's charter Dr. Cameron's work, especially in creating potential "Manchurian Candidates", would have violated the ban on domestic CIA operations within the United States. With the help of the Canadian government and C.I.A. Director Allen Dulles, who was one of Cameron's colleagues in the O.S.S., Dr. Cameron relocated his work to the Allen Memorial Psychiatric Institute in Montreal, Canada”

Over and above the bizarre trail of Parker’s previously documented connections, exposed by J.P. Essene at http://www.theeunderground.net, in regard to the CypherPunks and the Heaven’s Gate, Solar Temple and Koresh cults, are the strange ExtraTerrestrial connections linking his MKULTRA Controllers to Urantia, Atlantis, and the puzzling Galactic Federation of “Star People Mutants,” which “condemned to death” Bill Gates and his “tribe.”

The conviction of C.J. Parker, aka Carl Edward Johnson, as a ‘Lone Gunman’ in the Conspiracy to Assassinate Bill Gates is not a surprise, given the U.S. Government’s natural unwillingness to allow evidence of Parker’s background as an MKULTRA created agent of that same Government to surface during his trial. But beyond this lies their even stronger reluctance to expose the Paranormal and ExtraTerrestrial associations of a wide variety of individuals connected to Parker within the Mind Control spectrum.

Not only are an assortment of Parker’s MKULTRA connections involved in the Urantia movement, but likewise Herbert W. Armstrong, whom Essene’s expose revealed to be an integral part of Parker’s early history, as a member of the ‘WorldWide Church of God’ at the time of Armstrong’s Apocalyptical declaration of the ‘end of the world.’ Martin Gardner, in ‘URANTIA: The Great Cult Mystery,’ points out, “Herbert Armstrong dabbled in this kind of Urantian mythology with its Adventist overtones.”

In addition, a reviewer of ‘The Aquarian Conspiracy’ cites the influence of Urantian advocates Huxley, Osmond, et al, in the dissolution of Armstrong’s organization, declaring, “In this climate, even Herbert "British-Israel" Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God has reversed its course, and its offending doctrines as well, to become properly ecumenical.”

In point of fact, it was shortly after Parker’s appearance on the scene that the WorldWide Church of God’s founder announced the impending, ‘End of the World,’ and it was after its failure to arrive as scheduled that Armstrong’s life-work began to unravel.

Incredibly, it was only a short time later that the Institute of Applied Metaphysics, again shortly after Parker’s association with the group, began to unravel under almost identical circumstances, when Winifred G. Barton, in turn, announced the impending ‘End of the World,’ and, just as Armstrong had done previously, gave a specific time and date which later failed to ‘deliver’ the ‘End of the World’ as scheduled.

Barton, unlike Armstrong, was fully cognizant of the “penetration” of Government agents (in this case from the RCMP and Canadian Secret Service/CSIS) into the BMS/IAM arm of the Galactic Federation, as well as the fearsome presence of the Men In Black, but it seems that she remained unaware of C.J. Parker’s background as an MKULTRA Mind Control operative, thus missing an important clue as to the identity of the individuals who were infiltrating government agents such as Parker into the organization.

In the ‘Circuit 7.10’ section of the Galactic Federation’s ‘ ‘Cosmic Cube Coil 7’ release, Barton notes that, “Our first visit to ATLANTIS was widely publicised. The subject was raised in the House of Commons and published in Hansard.”

And later, in a February 6, 1998 message posted to the Psychoceramics mailing list by John Winston, Barton reveals that, “I have had much interference from the MIB who operate by both legal and physical intimidation. I lost global schools and everything I had when it was revealed to the Govt. of Canada that I had been to ATLANTIS. It is written into the official historical record Hansard. Steve Mareno, starson4@webtv.net of Psi Applications has the evidence to verify much of what Anonymous claims.”

This same missive points out that, “Shortly after the revelation of Atlantis our Accountant/Radio Operator was killed as was his counterpart in another school, and all the people were dispersed.” And the GFLF-Database’s Chronological Time Line of Events hosted at the PSI Applications WebSite speaks of “many more deaths” that “strangely occur” with evidence of “foul play” being present.

Though there was no way of knowing it at the time, these were merely the ‘first’ of the ‘Heaven’s Gates’ murders that MKULTRA Mind-Control operative C.J. Parker was to be closely connected to…

‘Circuit 7.2 – TO ESTABLISH ATLANTIS INNS,’ in the GFLF’s ‘Cosmic Cube Coil 7’ release states, “The eternal quest is to find the Gateway to the Motherland of Mu from whence we came. As time ran out, finding Heaven's Gate became the most urgent and essential task of the cosmic leadership of this earth generation. Window 7.2 shows how and where we make a change in the cultural landscape of Planet Earth.

“The Messianic Age began for us in the Fall of 1973.”

Indeed, Adrienne Smith tells us on The Bartonian Metaphysical Societies WebSite HomePage, “I, (Adrienne Smith) joined The B.M.S. (The Bartonian Metaphysical Society) in 1964. “Meetings were held at the residence of Dr. Winifred G. Barton, & Ernest W. Barton. “Property was also bought on Highway 7. It was called The Madoc Campus, Heaven's Gate. It handled the Administration of BMS.

“Soon a campus at Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan was bought.

“While all this was going on, another property was bought. 1,500 acres in Coe Hill, Ontario. The Campus at Madoc was called Heaven's Gate, the property at Coe Hill was named ‘Heaven.’”

These, the first of the ‘Heaven’s Gates’ devotees that Parker was involved with, were also involved with ExtraTerrestrial beings, with the Galactic Federation of Light Forces Chronological Time Line of Events recording a bizarre trail of UFO abductions, Atlantean “mind transplants,” revelations of an ExtraTerrestrial ‘neutron bomb’ technology known as the ‘Atlantean Firecracker,’ and subsequent persecutions of the group which included an RCMP/CSIS TOP SECRET NATIONAL SECURITY INVESTIGATION on the “ATLANTEAN FIRECRACKER PROJECT,” and accusations in the Canadian House of Commons that the “Coe Hill group was trying to steal government secrets” for the Aliens.

However, it was not until Winifred G. Barton and MAITREYA, the ‘New Age Christ,’ began broadcasting the ExtraTerrestrial call for the enlistment of Galactic Federation Warriors to engage in ‘Biological Anarchy’ that the Men In Black stepped up their persecution of the group and the mysterious deaths began.


MAITREYA & Wini began broadcasting his world transition plan across North America on a radio show.Wini states -"It is based on a common search for truth, non-violence and massive civil disobedience. (I later came to call it "Biological Anarchy.") After the first airing of the show Maitreya received a threatening phone call from the MIB, as was to be expected."


Deaths begin to occur MAITREYA passes on. Foul play was suspected in his death. Not long after Syeda's husband - Maitreya's close confidant - was also dead.


Many more deaths strangely occur. Foul play evident. xxxxxxx was OK at 3 am when he answered the phone - he was dead by 6 am the same morning. He had penetrated xxxxx computer system and told close friends "It is the work of the devil himself." Within days of xxxx death the radio ooperator at Nominingue was found at the bottom of Lac Nominingue with cement blocks tied to his feet. The police called it suicide. xxxxxxxxx, very atheletic and in good health, 43 died in 10 seconds of a massive heart attack - he was actively checking the MIB.

Once again, Barton is aware of the infiltration of Government agents into the BMS/IAM arm of the Galactic Federation.


Wini recounts conversation with David Hammel. She indicates that Canadian Secret Service (CSIS) had penetrated the Coe Hill facility and information was given to them.

However, she would be surprised to learn how early, and from what source, the Bartonian Metaphysical Society had originally been compromised.


Many people assemble at Gravelbourg Facility Center to celebrate New Years Eve party. Many of these people were involved in the original abduction in 73'.CE-5 event transpires as UFO (light ship) hovers over building.

The Directors of the Center at the time of this amazing E.T. story were Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Lyonnais. Having just completed his term as a full time member of the RCAF, Mr. Lyonnais was now a private citizen but still active in the RCAF reserve.

What RCAF intelligence agent Pierre Lyonnais had in common with MKULTRA Mind-Control operative C.J. Parker was that they had both been initiated into the Bartonian Mystery School by Julian and Yvonne Grandbois. Although Parker had joined the organization in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, he had relocated to Gravelbourg as the town’s Recreation Director at the time that the Institute of Applied Metaphysics purchased the former convent that housed the group.

Concerning Parker’s involvement with this, the first of his ‘soon to be visited by death’ Heaven’s Gate groups, and his later involvement with the second of his ‘soon to be visited by death’ Heaven’s Gate devotees, J.P. Essene’s http://www.theeunderground.net site informs us,

“Parker was involved, according to both himself and many others, in the founding of the New Covenant Club during his involvement with IAM. This was centered around the belief that the ‘old covenant’ with God, which involved circumcision, had now been replaced with a ‘new covenant,’ which involved vasectomies. Later, some of the Eastern leaders began indicating that if vasectomies were a good way of indicating one's dedication to spirituality in the end-times, then castration was even better.”

The article goes on to document Parker’s extrapolation of the Galactic Federation’s campaign against Bill Gates and Microsoft with the formation of a computer company cult which was to eventually spawn the second Heaven’s Gate entity, based on computers and castration, which was led by Do at the San Diego El Rancho complex.

“He started a computer company in Tucson, called "Pearl Harbor Computers," which was based on the belief that computers were the work of Satan, that Bill Gates and Microsoft were tentacles of the Satan, and that those who wished to fight evil must dedicate themselves to promoting other operating systems, UNIX in particular.

“Parker apparently fathered an organization called the "Circle of Eunuchs" that was dedicated to recruiting individuals who had the skills and the intelligence to develop systems and methodologies which could serve to work against what he saw as the plans of Satan to bring domination over the whole earth.

“Parker spent time in California where he was in contact with Do, who shared his fetish for mixing computers and spirituality, and it was apparently Parker who introduced him to the concepts underlying the New Covenant Club.

“Parker and Do also shared an affinity for mixing spirituality and alien theories, and decided that the Internet was going to be the battleground of the future in the fight between good and evil.”

Just as Winifred G. Barton’s confederates in the Galactic Federation associations contained a variety of Government agents (and provocateurs) such as “Pentagon Representative Major Edward Winchester” at the “Sacred Summit of ’76,” and “President Reagan’s UFO advisor Major Jim Leeds from Fort Bragg,” Do’s organization was infiltrated and monitored by a variety of Government agents, in addition to Parker, and eventually met an even more bizarre end than their northern Heaven’s Gate confederates at BMS/IAM headquarters in Madoc, with the whole group being involved in a purported ‘suicide’ in what would appear to be MKULTRA Mind-Control operative Parker’s ‘third’ involvement with a group who would shortly thereafter find themselves going through the ‘End of the World.’ (This time, literally.)

In the end, it seems that another thing that MKULTRA Mind Control operative C.J. Parker shares with assassins Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, and Timothy McVeigh, besides the connection to CIA psychiatrists, is the fact that, despite the plethora of evidence linking him to outside agents and agencies involved in mind-control, murder, and even a publicly announced “death sentence” for Bill Gates and his associates, the U.S. Government took total control of the situation and, through a combination of suppression of evidence and disinformation, turned a wide-ranging Assassination Conspiracy into the isolated actions of a ‘Lone GunMan.’

Even more dismaying are indications that previous to the events instigating Parker’s set-up as a patsy for the Assassination Conspiracy against Gates and U.S. Federal Judges, he made efforts to step outside of the MKULTRA medical spectrum and undertake treatments to free himself from the clutches of his controllers, only to have his medical benefactor suddenly subjected to a legal assault by the Canadian Government that would eventually leave him medically disbarred and imprisoned.

Just two weeks before the Secret Service raid on the residence of James Dalton Bell, which instigated the Secret Service vendetta against Parker, his doctor, Dr. John Schneeberger, in Kipling, Saskatchewan, suddenly found himself accused of the sexual molestation of one of his patients, a family member.

One week after the instigation of another incident U.S. Government prosecutors would later use as an excuse to imprison Parker, Dr. Schneeberger found himself under a court order to provide DNA samples in regard to a case against him which had long ago been dismissed, only to be resurrected as a result of the accusations arising just before the James Bell arrest.

By the time that Parker, now bereft of the medical benefactor who had aided him in his attempts to escape the clutches of his MKULTRA psychiatric mind-controllers, was poised to be set up as the patsy in the Bill Gates Assassination Conspiracy, Dr. Schneeberger was well on his way to being reviled, condemned and imprisoned in his sudden transformation from “model citizen” to “monstrous rapist.”

Cast into the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons system, Parker was denied medication, tortured, isolated in the Springfield prison for the criminally insane, declared ‘competent’ and sent to stand trial, whereupon the court suddenly, in direct violation of established case law, declared him ‘incompetent’ to handle his own defense, and subsequently denied him all of his basic constitutional rights, such as a bail hearing and an opportunity to view and contest the evidence against him, while a court-appointed public defender shill was forced upon him against his will in order to aid the prosecution in suppressing the true facts of the far-reaching Conspiracy for which he was destined to be the sole patsy.

[All of the quotations and facts provided in the above documentation were originally accessed via WebSearches on the InterNet and are thus freely available to anyone who has an interest in verifying their veracity. They existed and were document able at the time of their suppression in the Government’s ‘Lone GunMan’ trial of C.J. Parker, and are very likely just as document able to this day.

In fact, the above represents only a portion of the easily confirmable evidence, available to anyone who chooses to investigate, of C.J. Parker’s involvement in a bizarre trail of Mind-Control MadNess, Murder and ExtraTerrestrial and Paranormal influences involved in the far-reaching Conspiracy to Assassinate Bill Gates.

Incredibly, after convicting Parker of threatening to Assassinate Bill Gates, the U.S. Government refused his requests to return to Arizona after his release from prison and forced him to relocate to the Western District of Washington, where he landed on Bill Gates’ front doorstep (figuratively speaking) in Redmond, Washington. Does this indicate that Parker’s Controllers have further plans for him?]

[Shortly after Parker’s relocation to the Seattle area, a Federal Prosecutor involved in Parker and Bell’s convictions was found murdered at his home…]

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